2013 Drought will Persisit: What’s a Gardener to do?

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A new year prompts us to reflect on the year past and look forward to the new, and that is what I do for my garden too.  In 2012 Colorado experienced severe drought and devastating fires.  According to the National Weather Service in Boulder Colorado, the Drought will persist through 2013.  At my home in Loveland, we received less that 9″ of precipitation for the year in 2012.

Lake Loveland Fall 2012

So whats a gardener to do?  Here are 3 things you can do now to prepare for the season ahead.

  1. Evaluate:  Take some time to evaluate how your garden is working for you or not, and identify problem areas or plants.  I have developed a Site Inventory and Planning Worksheet to help walk you through the process.
  2. Educate yourself:  There are some great upcoming classes in the local area to give you tools to make changes for success in which I will be speaking at.  The Gardens of Spring Creek in Ft. Collins is sponsoring a workshop On January 19th called Landscape for Life which teaches homeowners how to create and maintain beautiful and sustainable landscapes that will benefit their families and the surrounding community.  The High Plains Landscape Workshop at the Ft. Collins Senior Center held on February 23rd, is a one-day workshop  is designed to promote high-quality, sustainable landscapes that reflect a sense of place in Colorado’s northern Front Range.
  3. Apply: think  about small changes that can have a big impact.  I just released an eBook  Tips and Tricks for Successful Xeriscaping that you can download for free that gives detailed examples of xeric principles and professional tricks for planning and designing drought-tolerant landscapes.

    I am looking forward to what the new year will bring and wish you Happy Gardening in 2013!


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