Advent of Spring

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Oh the beauty God puts in nature to remind us of his Glory!

Pasque Flower – Pulsatilla patens

This beautiful flower is one of the first to bloom in my garden, usually around Easter.  The word Pasque is the French word for Easter, hence the name for this wonderful Colorado native plant.  Growing only about 12″ in height, this perennial requires little care, and minimal water.  You can see the fine hairs in this picture which are an indicator of its drought resistance, actually thriving with out supplemental water in my Northern Colorado garden.  The flowers are followed by fuzzy seed heads which extend this perennials season of interest into early summer.

Speaking of French words, I recently read an article which compared the common phrase  ‘Our Sense of Place’ with the French word Terrior (which is derived from terre for land).  Terrior has long been used by winemakers to describe the characteristics of the local growing environment which influence the quality of the wine grown in that region.  Apparently now the term can be used to loosely describe the ‘Sense of Place in which you garden, or the environmental factors which make your gardening area unique.  Now this intrigued me because I am commonly found in the evening with a glass of wine in my garden, enjoying the beauty of nature.  As I was investigating how to pronounce this word correctly, I was on You Tube listening to a Frenchman speak of Terrior, He talked about it not only referring to the site but to the collective intelligence of all the people that had worked the site for so long…..hmm…….The garden, a place for people to connect over a glass of wine, now, I like that idea!

Take time to celebrate this special season of the year.

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