Beauty in the Winter Garden…Tis the Season

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Tidings of great joy!

Winter is approaching and we are preparing to celebrate Christmas.  The doldrums of winter do not apply in my Colorado garden, God continually amazes me with His beautiful creation.

Colorado winter landscape

Weather with snow or not…I see beauty

Clark yard winter interest

When I stroll through my yard this time of year, I am continually amazed at the array of colors and textures that greet me, as well as the wildlife that comes to visit for a taste of some left over berries.

Russian Hawthorn with winter berries

Weeping White Spruce & Mexican Feather Grass

When creating your landscape plan, you want to consider what it will look like in all seasons.   Think about including elements that provide interest like weathered wood and boulders, they really stand out in the winter months, and create shelter for wildlife.  Repeating a certain form throughout the landscape with plants and features creates cohesiveness,  the texture of the foliage of ornamental grasses sets the mood, and the many shades of evergreen are dynamic and strong in the winter.

For a real winter treat, visit the Garden of Lights at Northern Colorado’s very own botanical garden ‘The Gardens on Spring Creek’  in Ft. Collins.  Here is a sneak preview and a link for more information.

The Winter Garden in Lights

Winter Water Reminder

May you find  beauty in not only in winter, but in reflecting on the reason for the season, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!

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