Bringing Your Garden to Life

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As I am patiently waiting for spring to arrive…, I am thinking about this upcoming year in the garden.  Interesting climate patterns have caused concern about the availability of water for this season and there seems to be a new interest in utilizing native plants in the home garden.

Over the next several weeks, I want to share with you clips from Bringing Your Garden to Life:  Using Native Plants to Attract Birds, Butterflies and Beneficials, a presentation I did this spring in Ft. Collins, with a friend and fellow designer Sally Guthart.

Bringing Your Garden to Life 1

Colorado offers great opportunity to spend time outdoors.  As a Landscape Designer and Native Plant Master, I believe our gardens should be beautiful habitats for both people and wildlife, supporting a variety of life and creating a place to enjoy and interact with nature.  These habitats nurture the spirit, enhance our well-being and enrich our lives.  I want to encourage you to spend more time outdoors and tell you a bit about Birds and the Bees

Bringing Your Garden to Life Birds and Bees

So why the emphasis on native plants?  Native plants offer us many benefits, they have co-evolved with the native wildlife and are adapted to our local soil and climate conditions.

  • Native plants create beauty through the seasons in the landscape
  • Native plants provide food and habitat for the birds, butterflies and beneficial insects
  • Native plants celebrate the beauty of where we live
  • Native plants foster biodiversity in our environment

In  Doug Tallamy’s book; Bringing Nature Home:  How to Sustain Wildlife With Native Plants, he offers the following insight:

  • We must rebuild local food webs, nothing lives in isolation
  • It all starts with plants, all animals get the energy they need by eating plants directly or by eating other animals that eat plants
  • Natives support nature best…

Bringing Your Garden to Life Why Native Plants


So what exactly is a native plant?  A native plant is a plant species “that occurs naturally in a particular region, state, ecosystem and habitat without direct or indirect actions of humans” Federal Native Plant Conservation Committee.  The Rocky Mountain region is home to many wonderful native plants that can be used in the home garden, and I intend to introduce you to some of my favorites.

Stay tuned for more…



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