Colorado Native Plants

Bringing Your Garden to Life

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As I am patiently waiting for spring to arrive…, I am thinking about this upcoming year in the garden.  Interesting climate patterns have caused concern about the availability of water for this season and there seems to be a new interest in utilizing native plants in the home garden. Over the next several weeks, I want to share with you clips from Bringing Your Garden to Life:  Using Native Plants to Attract Birds, Butterflies and Beneficials, a presentation I did this spring in Ft. Collins, with a friend and fellow designer Sally Guthart. Colorado offers great opportunity to spend time outdoors.  As a Landscape Designer and Native Plant Master, I believe our...

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Native Plant…Masters…meet some of the players

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I recently had the privilege to participate in the Native Plant Master Course through Larimer County in Colorado.  I am in process of becoming a Native Plant Master, and the 1st course I participated in was held at Lory State Park, just north of Ft. Collins. Our ‘tour guides’ were Sally Dunphy and Tony Knight.  They were so knowledgeable and shared all kinds of interesting information about all the beautiful plants we saw.  For instance did you know that our native Delphinium is extremely poisonous to cattle?  Apparently sheep and goats can eat it, and native wildlife too, but not cattle, many die from eating it each year. Many of these native plants are...

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Nature and Nurture – Appreciating Colorado’s Natural Areas

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I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a hike through the Phantom Canyon Area in Northern Colorado led by Pam Smith and Megan Bowes through the Colorado Native Plant Society.  Our hosts were Bill and Cindy Henk who live on one of the ranches near the Nature Conservancy property.  They were so gracious to open their home and property for us and it was an amazing experience for all.  Bill and Cindy have a passion for nurturing our native environment and are committed to minimizing their footprint in this world. While en-route to the property we were discussing the mindset of people and our responsibility to our environment.  We were having a discussion about...

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Advent of Spring

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Oh the beauty God puts in nature to remind us of his Glory! This beautiful flower is one of the first to bloom in my garden, usually around Easter.  The word Pasque is the French word for Easter, hence the name for this wonderful Colorado native plant.  Growing only about 12″ in height, this perennial requires little care, and minimal water.  You can see the fine hairs in this picture which are an indicator of its drought resistance, actually thriving with out supplemental water in my Northern Colorado garden.  The flowers are followed by fuzzy seed heads which extend this perennials season of interest into early summer. Speaking of French words, I recently...

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