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For many of us, the phrase “xeriscaping” either sounds foreign and overly-scientific, or we immediately think of dry, dusty landscapes with little appeal.  Neither one is true!  In fact, Xeriscaping is a simple and affordable way to create beautiful Colorado landscapes that you can enjoy all year long.

In this free 119 page guide you will:

  • Learn exactly what xeriscaping is, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it.
  • Discover professional tricks for planning and designing drought-tolerant landscapes.
  • Find several detailed examples of xeric principles in action on real lawns.

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Are you looking for a simple to understand and yet powerful guide to drought-tolerant landscaping?


Look no further.  Here are some topics you’ll find in this free ebook:

  • A guided checklist to prompt your landscape planning based on how you want to use your yard.
  • Important tips for how to improve your soil–a key to xeriscaping success.
  • How to irrigate for the best results, with examples of watering guides for popular turf.
  • How to think outside of the bluegrass: different types of mulch and turf.
  • And how to maintain your garden all year long.

Plus Special Bonuses!

  • How to think beyond the bloom and identify the best features of plants to create visual interest
  • Plus an extensive list of xeric tress, evergreens, shrubs, grasses, and perennials!
  • AND 4 handy lists of seasonal tips for spring, summer, fall & winter

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