Low Water Colorado Landscapes

The Right Landscape Begins with Finding the RIGHT PLANT

  • Do you feel intimidated by all of the choices in plants out there?
  • Are you confused by labels like “perennial,” “evergreen shrub,” and “deciduous tree”?
  • Are you afraid that you might have a black thumb?
  • Have you tried and failed in your garden before?

If you said YES to any of the above, then you know that finding that right plant for the right space can be difficult and frustrating. Even more so, it can cost you money and time. But there is good news: I can help you find your right plants.


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I Can Help You Find Your Right Plants.


I know which plants thrive on less water and maintenance.

I know when they bloom and what kind of sunlight they need.

I know how well they will look with other plants, and how to group things together.

And I can teach you!

With my expert knowledge of native and drought tolerant plants I can help you make right choices for your yard. To get started, you can learn about some of the best plants for Colorado, handpicked by me – Download free plant guide HERE.



What are the 10 Best Plants for the Job?

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