Native Plant…Masters…meet some of the players

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I recently had the privilege to participate in the Native Plant Master Course through Larimer County in Colorado.  I am in process of becoming a Native Plant Master, and the 1st course I participated in was held at Lory State Park, just north of Ft. Collins.

Lory State Park

Our ‘tour guides’ were Sally Dunphy and Tony Knight.  They were so knowledgeable and shared all kinds of interesting information about all the beautiful plants we saw.  For instance did you know that our native Delphinium is extremely poisonous to cattle?  Apparently sheep and goats can eat it, and native wildlife too, but not cattle, many die from eating it each year.

Phantom Canyon Grassland with Delphinum geyeri

Many of these native plants are well adapted to be used in our urban gardens and landscapes.  There are so many plants…and so little time.  I have decided I would introduce some of the finest each week in my blog post.  So where to start?  One of the beauties we saw at Lory State Park was Rubus deliciousus or commonly known as Boulder Raspberry.  This woody shrub has beautiful white flowers in the spring, cinnamon-brown to reddish bark that is exfoliating on the older stems, and a raspberry like fruit that the birds will love.

Rubus deliciosus Boulder Raspberry flower

Rubus deliciosus – Boulder Raspberry bark

Rubus deliciosus in the landscape

This shrub has an open arching habit and can be planted in full sun to part shade growing 3′-5′ high x 4′-6′ wide.

We need to incorporate more of these native plants into our urban landscapes, for many reasons, but most of all to integrate our landscapes into the native environment, providing food and shelter for the native creatures and creating beauty in our gardens that harmonizes with the beautiful place in which we live.

Stay tuned each week, and I will share some more of these wonderful native plants which I think are under-used but well deserving consideration for our gardens.

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