On Wisdom and Weeds…

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Wisdom is with those who receive counsel, so don’t weep or worry, I will give you assistance on how to wage war on those weeds.  With all this moisture we’ve received in the last week, everything is happily growing including the weeds, sometimes they can be quite pretty.

Dandelion beauty

There are many ways to consider weed management, today I will introduce you to a couple of alternatives.

First, removing by hand is the least  offensive to the environment, but probably the most time consuming.  If you garden organically, you might want to consider the benefits of adding them into you diet. (Healthy diet and exercise in the garden are both good things, so if we look at it this way, maybe it is not such a bad alternative).  Did you know that Purslane  is packed with vitamins A and C, and contains more Omega 3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetables?  The leaves have a sour, citrus-like taste and can be added to salads.  Our beautiful Dandelion is also abundant in minerals, especially A, C, K, Calcium, potassium, iron and manganese.  The leaves can be eaten raw or blanched and added to salads or casseroles.  Good food for thought…

Nature always amazes me with the checks and balances in place, and just about every weed has a woe, or Biological control which is another option to consider.  We even have our on insectary here in Colorado., or you can contact you local county extension service to see if they are participating in an order for your local area in which you could take part.

Most weeds are best controlled before they come up, and if you have a healthy lawn, weeds are usually minimized.  For those stragglers, research has shown that using Corn gluten as a pre-emergent can give effective control over time if used regularly, and it does not harm the environment.  Most importantly, don’t let the weeds go to seed when they do come up and you will greatly reduce the next crop.

Weeds are like laundry and dirty dishes, they never completely go away, so we need to make the best of it.  If we consider the saying ‘when given lemons then make lemonade’,  then on a whim, don’t whine, you can use the flower petals  to make Dandelion wine!

Now that is an interesting take on our  ‘Sense of Terrior’

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